PESANTREN: Studies in Islamic School and Social Education Is published by ARPENTA | Arah Pendidikan Kita, the Agency for Scientific Research, Development and Publication – in collaboration with Elite Association in Educational Scope, harnessed around publishes manuscripts within the fields of Islamic school knowledges, and Social Education, literary, and fieldwork studies. Pesantren is a peer-reviewed journal on Islamic Education field and intended to communicate original research and current issues on the subject. This journal is published twice a year (March and September).

Vol. 1 No. 1 (2023): PESANTREN: Journal of Studies in Islamic School and Social Education

Published: Mar 21, 2023

Manajemen Pembiayaan Pendidikan Pesantren

17-32 Tirta Yogi Aulia, Muhammad Syafri
Read Statistic: 100 Times

Gaya Kepemimpinan Transformatif dalam Membangun Budaya Organisasi Pesantren

1-16 Liza Aprilia, Harun Lubis
Read Statistic: 116 Times
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